Social123 Case Studies

ROI is Key to Marketing Success.

Whether it’s for events or marketing campaigns, Social123 has provided numerous clients with high quality data that have resulted in phenomenal return on investment.  Don’t just take our word for it!  See for yourself below with these customer case studies:

Observepoint Success Story

Observepoint used Social123’s accurate contact data to develop a hyper-targeted Linked-In Ad campaign and saw amplified results. Social123 was able to update Observepoint’s database and provide clarity into their target audience to create hyper-segmented campaigns for enhanced results.


Brainshark Case Study

Brainshark used Social123’s quality data and nimble solution to support rapid campaign cycles and saw the power Social data could provide. Social123 armed Brainshark with the most accurate professional profiles available, as well as a depth of social intelligence that could easily support targeted lists for micro-campaigns and specialized sales sprints.


Terminus Case Study

In an effort to drive contacts from their targeted accounts to attend the #FlipMyFunnel Roadshow events in Chicago and Boston, Terminus, the industry’s first account-based marketing platform, turned to Social123 for some event marketing assistance.


Heinz Marketing Case Study

In June of 2016, Heinz Marketing hosted the Full Funnel Marketing event in Seattle, WA, to teach marketers about how to give the right attention to all stages of the funnel at the right time. They needed to drive attendance to their event and gain new prospects so they turned to Social123 for some assistance.


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