Product Updates for September – October:

Our amazing team of developers has been working non-stop on some of the biggest updates to our product to date. Below is an overview of the new features that will go live on or after Thursday, October 13th.


With this release you will see significant improvement to our accuracy level when it comes to contact information.  This is due to melded data sources and enhanced site-level information.

  •  Use-cases: You will see increased accuracy in your search results, as well as in your appends.


We now offer our clients the ability to connect Freemail email addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc.) to B2B personas.

  • Use-cases: Online webforms frequently get populated with personal email addresses which are difficult to work with for a variety of reasons. With SYNTHconnect, the personal email address is mapped back to a professional, B2B contact record with more than 40 fields of contact and firmographic data to leverage.


Our platform now contains updated and upgraded technology install data due to the use of new logic, sources and verification methods.

  • Use-cases: With our updated and upgraded data, you will be able to search by install data category, name and version so as to have the most accurate and complete information about what technologies companies are using.

New SYNTHtech Categories:



For the benefit of our sales users, we now offer the ability to access ALL of the data points associated with an individual in one, clean, digital business card layout… complete with 20+ actionable fields like contact business card information and pertinent company information

  • Use-cases: View all data points associated with a contact in a clean, digital business card layout.


Not only do we match on DUNS numbers for our clients, we also sell D&B records too! We can match targeted titles and contacts to your D&B firmographic data to give you a more comprehensive look at the contact and the company for which they work.

  • Use Cases:
    • Purchase D&B records via Social123
    • Search by DUNS Numbers on Social123 search engine
    • Append contacts, contact data, and rich social fields to a list of DUNS Number

New D&B Data Dictionaries:



At the end of July, we added 25 new fields at no additional cost.  That being said, we identified several fields of data that are potentially obsolete and contradictory. A vast majority of these fields were single source, social data points. Given their volatility, moving forward we will only offer data that has been double verified, at minimum. Please be sure to check out our data dictionaries to get a more comprehensive understanding of what was removed and what was added.

New Fields:

  • Job Level
  • Department
  • Merged Title
  • City
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Region
  • Time Zone
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Decision Maker
  • Company City
  • Company Latitude
  • Company Longitude
  • Company Region
  • Company Postal Code
  • Company Country
  • Company Time Zone
  • Company Site City
  • Company Site Latitude
  • Company Site Longitude
  • Company Site Region
  • Company Site Postal Code
  • Company Site Country
  • Company Site Time Zone

Removed Fields:

  • Image
  • Unique Social ID
  • Social Profile URL
  • Headline
  • Contact Location
  • Contact Industry
  • Summary
  • Groups
  • Skills
  • Interests
  • Certifications
  • Company Social URL
  • Company Description

Updated Data Dictionaries:


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Flat File:

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API Customer?



We now have a split search screen to accommodate “Basic” and “Advanced” searches on our platform.  This will speed-up and streamline your search process.

  •  Use-cases:
    • BASIC: You’re only looking to search by the basics (i.e. title, location, company, industry) and don’t want the interface to be cluttered with miscellaneous categories
    • ADVANCED: You want to take a deeper dive into the categories and search by more options (i.e. schools, keywords, tech install data, SIC/NAICS codes)

Basic Search:

Advanced Search:

Got Questions?

We will hold a customer webinar on September 22nd to walk you through the changes and address any questions you may have.

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