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Social123’s Partner Program:

Companies from all over the globe choose to partner with Social123 in order to leverage our comprehensive and continuously refreshed database of over 225+ million professionals. Join us in providing the largest, self reported B2B database in the world.

Enhance Your Clients Offerings:

Your clients are looking for new ways to generate demand and subsequently generate qualified new leads. Our innovative data set will give them the ability to get relevant messaging in front of the right people. With over 35 fields of self-reported data such as group affiliations, summary, interests, title, etc., our data will provide better insights into their contacts and allow them to tap into new markets. Give additional value to your clients by providing them with the most accurate and enriched B2B contact data to revolutionize their marketing.

Partner Program Advantages:

  • Industry-Leading Technology: Access to the fastest searchable database of over 225+ million B2B contacts
  • Smarter Data: Make better decisions and provide quality leads with self-reported accurate B2B contact data.
  • Instant Lead Generation: Search a global network of professional contacts through professional, corporate and social data.
  • Enhance your offerings: Our data can integrate and enrich into your current solution.
  • Recover Database Inaccuracies: Use our data to clean and append contacts in your current database, or add our solution to yours.
  • Real-Time Data Refresh: Instant updates when any contact moves jobs, or makes a change in your database. With real-time data refresh you’ll never buy a list again.

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