Social123 Announces Launch of Data Assurance Program


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Atlanta, Georgia. September 5, 2014 –Social123 announces the introduction of Data Assurance – the first quality management tool of its kind intended specifically for continuous contact accuracy.

“Social123 has a global database of 300 million professionals with 30 fields of data refreshed every 3 weeks. That is the largest, most accurate, and detailed contact database available. ,” says Scott Miller, CSO of Social123. “Data Assurance will give B2B Marketers the ability to harness this data to keep their Marketing Automation Platform free from old, incomplete and inaccurate contact records on an ongoing basis.”

Fields available for data assurance include; email validation, Canadian Anti-SPAM compliance, contact validation, social profile information, email address append and phone/firmographic append.

According to Scott Miller, the need for data assurance arises from three main factors: “The first and most prevalent factor is that one out of four of today’s decision makers will change jobs over the next 12 months. The second is that 88% of online forms are completed with incorrect information. The third is human error – the contact information was duplicated or entered incorrectly. The impact on B2B marketing is that open rates and calls to action decrease or the message never hits the intended recipient.”

With the addition of fields such as Title and Industry as an example, marketers can tailor content specifically for these individuals where none existed before. Social123 reports their customers have seen open rates double with more accurate data and targeting methodology.

Social123’s capabilities include traditional list building from Company Size, Industry and Revenue to Contact Title and Location along with capabilities for contact acquisition from fields unique to social data like interests, skills and groups. The social data aggregator also offers a free report showing how many records it can impact in an existing database and the net new contacts it could provide that fit the customer’s buyer profile.

Data Assurance is currently available from Social123 for data appending and net new contact records.

About Social123

Social123 is a social aggregation and business insight company at the forefront of transforming the way outbound marketers use social data to drive ‘game-changing’ campaign results. Social123 specializes in helping marketers achieve 3 campaign ‘must-haves’ to realize success: The right search tool and criteria to find their ideal buyer, the right insights about their buyer so that every correspondence has meaning, and a assurance that their contact database is clean and accurate every time they hit send.

Solutions include data cleansing and appending, email validation and targeted list building and can be accessed via large data file delivery or Social123’s SaaS platform.