Social123 Announces Launch of Data Assurance Program


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Virtual DBS, Inc. and Social123 Announce Launch of V-EmployeeLink

Comprehensive Database of Business Contacts with Robust Commercial and Consumer Demographics


North Kingstown, Rhode Island. August 26, 2014 – Virtual DBS, Inc. and Social123 announce the launch of V-EmployeeLink, the first marketing file of its kind that combines business firmagraphics, social media data and consumer demographics to create a comprehensive view of contacts from commercial and consumer standpoints.

V-EmployeeLink contains data on more than 77 million U.S. and Canadian business contacts, including current and previous job titles, employment, education, professional affiliations, and awards, to name a few. The individual business contact information is enhanced with comprehensive company-based firmagraphics in addition to the valuable deep consumer demographics like household income, age, family type, home value and others. The combination of these three layers of data provides exceptional intelligence for marketers to better understand their customers and to pinpoint their ideal prospects. Additionally, since socially sourced data is self-reported, it is of the highest accuracy.

“The creation of V-EmployeeLink means that marketers finally have a true 360O view of their customers and prospects in a way that was previously unavailable. By understanding consumers both at their place of work and at home, marketers can create messaging and offers that speak to the ‘whole individual’ and in doing so, significantly improve their campaign ROI,” said Brad Mitchell, CEO of Virtual DBS.

Scott Miller, CSO of Social123 states, “Our partnership with Virtual DBS allows us to significantly expand our product offering to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated marketers. V-EmployeeLink will allow unprecedented targeting capabilities and will add an extremely valuable new dimension into the predictive models and custom data integration services we can now provide to clients. This product is the first of many and our sights are clearly focused on building a global data solution.” Socal123 not only originates net new contacts using social data, it also has the ability to recover lost data, enrich existing data and validate email accuracy.

V-EmployeeLink updates and validates its database monthly and is currently available.


About Virtual DBS, Inc.

Virtual DBS, Inc. offers database marketing services that empower corporate decision makers to gain strategic, data-driven business insights to grow their business. Virtual DBS provides best-in-class tools and services including on-demand database technology, predictive analytics and data both locally and in the cloud.

About Social123

Social123 is a social aggregation and business insight company at the forefront of transforming the way outbound marketers use social data to drive ‘game-changing’ campaign results. Social123 specializes in helping marketers achieve 3 campaign ‘must-haves’ to realize success: The right search tool and criteria to find their ideal buyer, the right insights about their buyer so that every correspondence has meaning, and a assurance that their contact database is clean and accurate every time they hit send.

Solutions include data cleansing and appending, email validation and targeted list building and can be accessed via large data file delivery or Social123’s SaaS platform.